Our Team

Sydney Chase, President

Sydney Chase, states the company vision is to be the leader in research, design and manufacturing solutions to reduce evaporation costs for reservoir owners.

Ms Chase has 30 years of manufacturing, operations and business development experience in metals, plastics and polymer concrete products and materials and contributed to over $85 million of products sales in the last 12 years.

Xavier Castillo, Independent Consultant

Prior to his appointment Xavier Castillo spent 18 years at Casa Colina Centers for Physical Rehabilitation as Information Technology specialist.

One of main company goals is to aggressively use small and disadvantaged partners. Mr. Castillo is responsible for making that happen and in doing so volunteers his time to develop these opportunities.

He currently volunteers his time to the XavierC LLC promoting the company in the handicapped community and proving opportunities.

ABC 7 News

Millions of shade balls protecting Los Angeles Reservoir

Bloomberg TV

Who’s Behind the 96 Million ‘Shade Balls’ That Just Rolled Into L.A.’s Reservoirs?

Installation Process

The installation of the shade balls only takes a few minutes.